BT 4G Assure USB Dongle

eBay has plenty of these usb 4G dongles going for next to nothing, so I thought I’d get one, primarily to see if it would work in my DrayTek router.

It turns out it’s a badged Huawei E3372h, which fortunately is supported by latest DrayTek routers. It doesn’t seem to be running a special firmware. When you plug it into a PC/Mac it just installs a an ‘internet connection sharing device’ and loads up a web page in your default browser, showing the status.

I tried an O2 sim in it and it asked for an unlock code, so EE sims only

They’re a bargain at £5 especially if you have a newer DrayTek router.

3 thoughts on “BT 4G Assure USB Dongle”

  1. Hello,
    could you please elaborate – which firmware version does your dongle report in the web interface?
    And the USB VID/PID – are they 0x12d1 + 0x14dc or something else?
    (I’m just trying to figure if this thing will be compatible with my network equipment)

  2. Its ven12d1 dev1f01 when you first plug it in.
    When you run HiLink it changes to ven12d1 dev14dc
    I think HiLink initiates a USB Mode Change which turns it into a USB ethernet adapter/router combination.
    When you log in to the web interface it shows…..
    Hardware version: CL2E3372HM
    Software version: 22.328.62.01.346
    Web UI version:

    1. Thanks a lot for the details. This really helps.
      Looks like unlocking would require a hardware modification (this FW version is currently not supported by software tool)

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