Resurrecting the Fiio Q1 with my iPhone.

Around iOS 10 apple tightened up the control of USB devices connected to the lightning port. This stopped my Fiio Q1 from working with my iPhone (with the L19 Lightning to micro-USB cable).

When I contacted Fiio they said i should just upgrade to the Q1 Mk2 that has full MFI certification. It seemed a bit of a waste, so I hunted around for a solution. One possible solution was using the official Apple camera connection Lightning to USB-A socket and a USB-A to micro B cable. A bit untidy and quite expensive too.

I had read some people with the same issue and the rather expensive Chord MOJO DAC. I then stumbled across a lead on AliExpress that promised to work with the mojo. I figured same problem, same solution? So I ordered one of these leads of AliExpress for about £12.00  aliexpress link to click!